Morning all!

So,I woke up this morning, and saw a post that Pokemon Center had just released the 1:1 hoenn starters, and I'm geeked to nab a treecko, but then I realzed FOUR PAGES OF THE PLUSHIES ARE MISSING!!! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE GOGOAT POKEDOLL I WAS PLANNING ON ORDERING AFTER CHRISTMAS??? D':

On a MUCH better note, I discovered that if you search for specific pokemon in the search bar, all the older ones are still available (knock on wood!)

Just a little update, for anyone who flipped out like I did ^^'

Best wishes,

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A wee intro for you!

Hello everyone!
My name is Chris, and I just created this journal.
I've been lurking around here for a few months (ESPCIALLY the pkmncollectors page), and decided to take the initiative and create an account!
I'm currently a senior in high school, and looking to study Biology in the future, and my main hobbies are collecting pokemon merchandise (mainly pokemon center ;3), as well as Monster Hunter figures. I'm very excited to join this community!

Best Wishes,